Support for Flashing The Firmware in Daviteq Sigfox Sensor

1. Download and install the software "STM32 ST-LINK Utility".

In Figure 1, the software can be downloaded from the link:


Figure 1. Getting the software from the website.

2. Select the mode setting on the software.

2.1 Target -> Settings...
2.2 Mode: select "Connect Under Reset" and check "Enable debug in Low power mode" -> OK

The order of steps 2.1 and step 2.2 indicate through the image from left to right in Table 1.

Make sure that the PC has a connection to the devices with the cable provided.

image-1646817161773.png image-1646817251790.png

Table 1. Settings... - Mode.

3. Target the hex file for upgrading any firmware.

3.1 Target -> Program & Verify...
3.2 File path -> Browse

Basically, the firmware update specifies the sensor. In this case, please contact the instructor for more information.

Step 3.1 and step 3.2 indicate in the image from left to right in Table 2.

You must browse to select the correct file, the hex file can be used to apply for the same device type.



Table 2. Program & Verify... - Browse.

3.3 Open ".hex" file -> Start

In step 3.3, you need to select the hex file and load it into the device.

For example within each image of Table 3, the target is a sensor WSSFC-LPC and is used in this guide.



Table 3. Starting a program file to the sensor, Open - Start.

4. Target to the bin file for upgrading ID and PAC.

4.1 Target -> Program & Verify... 
4.2 File path -> Browse

4.3 Open ".bin" file -> Start Address: 0x08017000 -> Start

The order of step 4.3 indicates through the image from left to right within Table 4.

You must target the sensor for the unique ID and PAC.



Table 4. Open - Start address.

The result shown in Figure 2 indicates the device has received the update.

You can confirm it has succeeded if the end of the notification output looks similar below:


Figure 2. Verification...OK.