User Guide for Modbus Configuration Tool


Daviteq Modbus Configuration Tool

HW Ver. Release Date
1.0 NOV-2019




1. Install Tool

1.1 Download Tool

 Install the Modbus Configuration Software in the link below 

2.2 Running Tool

After unzip file, open the folder and run the application (Daviteq Modbus Configuration Tool Version).



2. Configuration

2.1 Connection

Step 1: Connect the configuration cable to the PC and Modbus device.

STHC-ISG02DB-WS433-CL-04-H8.png STHC-ISG02DB-WS433-CL-04-H13.png
STHC-ISG02DB-WS433-CL-04-H11.png STHC-ISG02DB-WS433-CL-04-H12.png

Step 2: Choose COM Port (the Port which is USB cable plugged in). Set the BaudRate: 9600, Parity: none


If you don't see any COM port in the list, please download the following driver and install

Modbus Configuration Cable COM port driver for PC
How to install driver

Step 3: Click “ Connect “ untill the Status displays “disconnected” to “connected“. It means the Modbus device is being connected with computer;



Step 4: Import the configuration file for Modbus Device by importing the csv file: Go to MENU: FILE / Import New /

Then select the template file.

Example: We import template file of Wireless Co-ordinator WR433-AP-EN-02 - Template_WR433_V1.6.csv



There are 3 Function:

  • Function 3: Read holding registers
  • Function 4: Read input registers
  • Function 16: Preset Multiple registers

2.1 Write Value into Modbus Device with Function 16

Example: We change the value Node id 1 from 0 to 12345678 using Func 16.

Step 1: Uncheck Func 3, then Click on the arrow and change Func from 3 to 16;




Step 2: Type in Setting Value the Node id 1, then check the Func 16 box.


if Read Value show OK which mean it's wrote successful.


2.1 Read Value from Modbus Device with Function 3

After writing the value, we will check the value entered with Func 3. Func 3 is used to read holding registers.

Step 1: Click on the arrow and change Func from 16 to 3.


Step 2: Check the box of Func 3. If it shows that the value in Read Value is the same as the value entered, it means that the data entered was successful.




3. Troubleshooting

No. Phenomena Reason Solutions
1 Cannot connect to software
  • The COM port selected is incorrect.
  • Modbus cannot be connected to the device.
  • Check Modbus connection
  • Select the correct COM port to which the configuration cable connects to the computer
2 COM port does not appear in the select list
  • Have not updated window to the latest version
  • Driver not installed
  • Update to the latest version for window
  • Install driver for PC
3 Cannot see any register on software The template file has not been imported Go to File/Import New to import the template file
4 See registers that do not match the memmap table of the device rs485 or sensor is configuring The template file imported incorrectly Go to the correct manual page of the product configuring and download the template file, then import the template file into the software

4. Support contacts



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