Bulk Ultrasonic Water Meter BUW




BUW Bulk Ultrasonic water meter comprises the quality temperature sensor, the flow sensor, and a flow computer. The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the water and the flow sensor to measure the volume of water that flows through the pipelines by the transit time difference. The two data are sent to the flow computer after being collected, the consumption water quantity is worked out, stored, and indicated on the LCD finally.


Dimension Drawings



Ultrasonic water meter's intelligent measuring instrument consists of the temperature sensor, flow sensors, and flow computer;

Could provide important application and data for many applications in the pipeline;

Ultrasonic water meter is suitable for application environments requiring high range ratio(Q3/Q1)and forwards and reverse metering;

The flow computer used sensor and through the time difference to collect temperature differences and sound waves to complete accurate measurement of water flow;

And can provide important applications and data for many applications.



LoRaWAN Specification
Data rate 250bps .. 5470bps
Antenna Internal Antenna 2.67 dbi
Battery 02 x AA size 1.5VDC, battery not included
RF Frequency and Power 860..930Mhz, +14 .. +20 dBm, configurable for zones: EU868, IN865, RU864, KR920, AS923, AU915, US915
Protocol LoRaWAN class A
Data sending modes interval time, alarm occurred and manually triggering by magnetic key
RF Module complies to ETSI EN 300 220, EN 303 204 (Europe) FCC CFR47 Part15 (US), ARIB STD-T108 (Japan)
Working temperature 1oC..+65oC
Housing Polycarbonate plastic, IP68
Ordering codes
Item code Descriptions
BUW-050-LRW-8-01 Bulk Ultrasonic Water Meter DN50 with LoRaWAN connectivity, IP68, 860-870 Mhz for EU868, IN865, RU864
BUW-050-LRW-9-01 Bulk Ultrasonic Water Meter DN50 with LoRaWAN connectivity, IP68, 900-930 Mhz for KR920, AS923, AU915, US915
* Replace 050 by 065 .. 300 for different sizes


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