Troubleshooting for Sigfox Communication

This is the troubleshooting for Sigfox communication of Sigfox-ready sensors with FW versions listed below:

No. Phenomena Reason Solutions
1 Node does not send RF to the base station periodically, LED does not blink
  • No power supply or battery ran out
  • The configuration sending cycle is incorrect
  • Check that each battery is empty OR not installed correctly
  • Check the power supply
  • Check the send cycle configuration
2 Node does not send RF to the base station according to the alarm, LED does not blink
  • The alarm threshold values are incorrect and/or disabled alarm function
  • Running out of the number of alarms set for the day
  • Check alarm threshold values and alarm enable
  • Check the configuration for the maximum number of alarms per day
3 Node does not send RF to the base station when activated by the magnetic switch, LED does not blink
  • The magnetic switch has malfunctioned
  • Or place the Magnet key in not right position
  • Locate the correct position for the magnet key
  • Read the status of the magnetic switch via Modbus (when powering or attaching the battery) to see if the magnetic switch is working.
4 Node has blinked LED when sending RF but the base station cannot receive
  • Out of the number of RF packages of uplink per day (max 140 packages/day)
  • Check on the base station whether the event message exceeds the number of RF packets
5 Node has sent RF but the LED does not blink
  • LED malfunction
  • Contact manufacturer
6 The node does not send RF and the RF module is hot
  • Insert the battery in the wrong direction
  • Electronics got problem
  • Check battery polarity
7 RSSI is weak and often loses data
  • Distance between Node and Base station is far or there are many obstructions
  • Connection to Antenna problem
  • Check the location of the Sigfox node and distance to the base station
  • Check the antenna connector in the PCB
8 The measurement values from the sensor do not change and keep constant values for a long time
  • Sensor got failure
  • Sensor cable broken
  • The sensor connector is not connected firmly
  • Check sensor cable and connector
  • If the issue still exists, please contact the manufacturer for a warranty or replace the new sensor