HTML table for default configuration

Description Unit Default Format Property Comment
CONSTANT_A                       1 Float R/W Constant A for scaling measured value
CONSTANT_B                       0 Float R/W Constant B for scaling measured value
HIGH_CUT      1000000000 Float R/W High cut value for calculated value
LOW_CUT                       0 Float R/W Low cut value for calculated value
SENSOR_BOOT_TIME ms               1000 Uint32 R/W Boot time of sensor/input, in ms
NUM_OF_SAMPLE                     10 Uint16 R/W A number of samples for filtering function. The higher value, the more filtering

1, Copy from Excel. paste from row 2

2, Select all cells, configure Top alignment, background color #c6e2ff

3, Select cells in even rows, configure background color #f2f2f2  (light grey)

3, Configure all cell in first row as header type

4, Add SPACE in value of DEFAULT column for left alignment

5, Copy code and paste on, edit the width of 805px in html editor