Instructions to add the Base Stations and Devices to ThingPark Network Server (ThingParkEnterprise SaaS Community)

Community is a SaaS platform that is available for free to test the Actility network server.

ThingPark Enterprise users can follow those examples to activate base stations and devices on your account.

1. Add Tektelic Model T0005204 to ThingPark Enterprise SaaS Community.

Please contact the Tektelic Support for your target platform that your base station supports LRR packet forwarder.

1. Log in to your ThingPark Enterprise account via the link:

2. Browse on the left panel to Base Stations, click the drop-down menu then click Create.


3. Select the base station’s Tektelic.

If you do not find the Tektelic, click View More Manufacturers.


4. On the following screen, select the Model: Micro 8-channels from the drop-down list.


5. Fill the form as below table:

Field Input field
Name Base station 1 


RF region

US 915MHz (8 channels: CH0-CH7)

Public Key

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Input exactly as above Input field column, except Name field is user-defined and is different from existing base station name on the network server.

After filling registration form, click CREATE to complete adding base station to the network server

2. Add Daviteq's LoRaWAN devices ThingPark Enterprise SaaS Community

ThingPark Enterprise supports all Classes of LoRaWAN® devices. By default, the sensor supports Over-the-Air Activation (OTAA) with local Join Server that is programmed at the factory.

Manual provisioning of OTAA devices using a local Join Server. To learn more, see Activation modes.

1. At left panel of the screen of the Thingpark GUI, click Devices > Create from the dashboard.


2. Select the Generic supported by your device on your screen.image-1654248263185.png

3. Select the Model of LoRanWAN 1.0.3 revA - class A au915


4. Fill the form as below table:

Field Input field
Name As user-defined
DevEUI As DevEUI on label of the device
Activation mode Over-the-Air Activation (OTAA) with local Join Server


Input JoinEUI. This value read on memory map or on the label of the device. The default value is 0102030405060708


Input AppKey.This value read on memory map or on the label of the device. The default value is 0102030405060708090A0B0C0D0E0F10

After filling the registration form, please click CREATE to add devices to the network server

3. Send a downlink frame from Thingpark Network Server to the device

You may send a downlink frame to the device from the Device table.

This functionality is active only when a connection is associated to the device (one of the color codes with a green bullet).

1. Navigate to the left panel, click the Devices's drop-down menu then List.


2. Browse the right side in the DEVICES, and select your preferred device to give an action. In this case, Send Downlink.


3. Input "1" to the Port in advance, write your downlink data in the field, and then click VALIDATE.


Thanks for the reference link:

- Managing your radio access network

- Activating a device to your IoT network

- Sending a test downlink frame