Vizuo Applications LoRAWAN Sensors

Manual For LoRaWAN Sensor as the following link:

1. Introduction

Vizuo is a web-based software application to remotely configure device, parameter, alarm and event. In addition, Vizuo displays current values, historical values of parameters as well as events, alarms. Values of parameter are stored on database of GLOBIOTS server. Below figure describes the system which uses Vizuo application software:VIZUOWEB-MN-EN-H1.png

2. User Information and Actions

2.1 Sign in

- Open a web browser (Google Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer…).
- Enter address in URL:
- Sign-in page displays as follow:

  • Enter username and password
  • Click “Sign in” button.

- For user first time sign-in or reset password, user’s password must be changed after successful sign-in
- Screen of change password:

2.2 Configure Node

2.2.1 Node Definition

In Organization Chart Panel, Node is used to create Organization Chart. Node name should be geographical area, type of energy or responsible person. A Node includes one or more sub-Node and Device

2.2.2 Organization Chart

To close or open “Organization Chart” panel, you can click VIZUOWEB-MN-EN-SYMBOL-1.png on left corner of screen Organization Chart page includes all Node and Device in system:
  • Node name
  • Number using device of account/Max number device of account
Right click on Node name, menu of Node displays:
  • New: Create new Node, Device
  • Delete: Delete Node
  • Assign to account: Assign Node and sub-Node to account
  • Rename: Change name of Node

2.2.3 Create a Node

To Create a sub-Node:
  (1) Select Node
  (2) Right click and select “New”
  (3) Click “Node” to create new Node
  (4) Enter sub-Node name and click button Save, then click button OK to confirm

2.2.4 Rename Node

To change name of Node, right click on Node name → select Rename Or double click on Node. Enter new name and click button “Save Changes” to complete

2.2.5 Delete node

In Organization Chart, select Node that you want to delete, right click Node name → select “Delete”, click button OK. Enter Username and Password of Account to confirm
- Do not delete a Node that is assigned to account
- Do not delete a Node that includes sub-node

3. Adding the Daviteq LoRAWAN Sensors to Vizuo Globiots

3.1 Create a new Daviteq LoRAWAN Sensors

To create a new Daviteq LoRawan Sensors:
  (1) Select Node
  (2) Right click and select “New”
  (3) Click “LoRa” to create a new Device


  (4) A box appears:


  • At Basic information tab,  Enter parameters of Device:
    - Name: Name of Device (require 12 characters)
    - DevEUI: provided by manufacturer.
    - Click “Generate” button to create Device ID or enter ID directly
  • At Network Server Config:
    - Network Server: Select the LoraWan Server are using
    - LoRa Device: Choose the right LoRa sensor series 
    - Downlink Message: The fields in this section are taken from the LoraWan Connection Server are using


          (5) Click "Save Changes" to finish
    o Logging send frequency: Frequency to send logged data from iConnector to server
    o Heath send frequency: Frequency to send logged data about iConnector health from iConnector to server
Click “Save” to continue, click button OK to confirm, and enter admin user and password to verify permission

3.2 Delete Daviteq LoRawan Sensors

To delete a Device: Right click Device name and select Delete and click OK to confirm

3.3 Clone Daviteq LoRawan Sensors

To create a new Device have same Parameters, Alarm Config, Modbus Command, Menmap, Event Configure …, select original Device, right-click, select “clone”. Below page appears


Refer to 3.1 “Create a new Device” for more details.

3.4 Replace Daviteq LoRawan Sensors

To replace Device:
  • Right click Device name and select Replace
  • A box displays:


    o Enter the DevEUI of new Device
    o Click “OK” to continue
  • A box appears
Click “Yes” to finish

3.5 Rename Daviteq LoRawan Sensors

To change name of Device: Right click Device name, select Rename, and enter new name

4. Report

4.1 Create a new report

- To create a new report:
  • In menu Management, select Report
  • In Report page select “+ ” to create a new tab

  • Report Page will display as follow:
Enter full information
    o Name: Name of Report tab
    o Report Type: EMS (for energy), CNC (for CNC machine), Historical Trending (for parameter trend)
    o Parameter Configuration:
       Name: Name of parameter which display in report. Name might input text or name of parameter.
       Device: select Device
       Parameter: select parameter of device which you want display
       Click “Add” to add parameter. A report might have some parameter
    o After complete adding parameter, click “save” to finish

4.2 Configure Report

- In Report page, select Report name which you want configure
  • Click “Delete” to delete report
  • Click “Edit” to edit report
       To edit available parameter, clickVIZUOWEB-MN-EN-SYMBOL-10.png in Action column, edit parameter, click Update
       To delete parameter, clickVIZUOWEB-MN-EN-SYMBOL-11.png in Action
       To Add new parameter: enter full information and click “Add”

4.3 View report

Select Time in “From … To …” and click “Show” to view data of parameters on report tab

Click on name of parameter (below report) to temporarily ON/OFF parameter on report

4.4 Export report

After click button Show to view report, clickVIZUOWEB-MN-EN-SYMBOL-12.png on top right corner of screen, select Export to Excel or Export to pdf or Export to csv

       Click Export to Excel, select version of Excel (2003 or 2007), click Export. The exported file will be store on your PC
       Click Export to csv, select version Date Format in csv file, click OK. The exported file will be store on your PC
       Click Export to pdf, the exported file will be store on your PC